More Fair Pics

Come on guys, get bloggin! I’m going through withdrawals of hearing from you all. Must…see…pics…

If you haven’t checked out my blog yet, you’ll see some pics of our outing to the state fair this weekend. Here are two more pics that I thought were cute, but they didn’t fit in to the flow of the post.

Jordan after eating a fried PB&J

Jordan after eating a fried PB&J

Carter after eating chocolate covered bacon

Carter after eating chocolate covered bacon

Amazing that fried foods can create such happiness.


Let’s Blog!!

Due to the untimely demise of the family website, I wanted another venue for us to be able to keep up with each other. Blogging seems to be a great way for us to post updates, ponderings, anecdotes, pictures, pictures, and more pictures – and it’s FREE!! The URL will stay the same, but the name of the blog can be changed. So, let’s name it! Please leave a comment with your suggestion(s) and then maybe we can put up another poll for final voting! Woo hoo – I am so excited about this! I hope you are, too!!!

By the way, I am no expert on blogging, so I have recruited the administrative assistance of Peter – so if you have any questions about creating a post or anything else blog related, feel free to ask either one of us! (If I don’t know, I’ll send you to Peter!)


Let us know what you think of the site. Any comments appreciated.

August rains

August is the rainiest month of the year in Milwaukee. Puts a but of a damper on our anniversary celebrations, but that’s alright.

Here is Carter with the ‘unbreakable’ umbrella I got from Men’s Wearhouse just a few months ago. I bought it to replace the last ‘unbreakable’ umbrella that Carter broke.

Carter breaks the unbreakable

Carter breaks the unbreakable

As August is so rainy, it’s kind of the official start to ‘indoor days’ in Milwaukee. Here’s a creative little play-doh masterpiece that Jordan made.

Play-doh Monkey